Douglas Health Care Foundation

Event Information

Saturday, December 1, 2018

Arrowwood Resort & Conference Center

Entertainment: The Covers

Douglas County Health Care Foundation

The proceeds from the 43rd Annual Holiday Ball will be utilized by the Douglas Health Care Foundation to assist in improving access to health care as well as bringing on additional state-of-the-art technology ensuring our friends, neighbors and families receive the highest quality of care possible at Alomere Health. Through your generous donation, we are able to continue to recruit health care providers from across the country who want to live, work and play in our communities by providing them with the facilities and technology they need to administer efficient and effective health care. The Douglas Health Care Foundation and Alomere Health are committed to being
responsive to regional needs while being focused on providing the local care
we have all come to expect and appreciate. Thank you for partnering with
us. You are the reason for our continued success. You are Alomere.

holiday ball 2018
holiday ball 2018